how did we get here?

We’re a family of five, living in Adelaide, Australia… and on 3rd November 2018 we’re leaving for the adventure of our lives.  We’ve had a few short trips so far and there’s been lots of fun (and too many bumps, tantrums and tears to count) along the way.  In a way, those holidays were like boot camp for the BIG ONE and they gave us confidence that travelling with three young kids can actually be pretty amazing.

We’ve been dreaming of this for years but then life happens: children, mortgage, work and we realised that if we wanted this experience we needed to set a date, buy some one-way tickets out of Australia and talk to (aka brainwash!) the kids.  This is more to us than a holiday or even a ‘gap year’; we love our lives and adore our family and friends (yes, you) but we want to create time and space to be together without the ‘to do’ list and re-think some of our choices.

Our reality has been consumed by selling/giving away a lot of our worldly belongings (done), storing the rest (done), moving out of our house (done), finding homes for our pets (grief), moving in to our suffering parent’s house (ongoing), selling our cars (groan) and packing and re-packing (save us).  Wow, how can it be that we overlooked how much work is involved in just stepping onto the plane!  Yes, some friends and strangers have tried to warn us (you know who you are).

We’re going to blog along the way with contributions from the kids in the School Buss section.  Not being literary geniuses, we can’t promise anything especially insightful, funny or entertaining, but we’ll try our best to bring to your screens our futile hunts for wild animals, misadventures with public transport, appreciation of dodgy accommodation, and random sampling of beer (for us) and chocolate (for the kids).

We’ve made a semi-honest attempt to describe ourselves in the About section, should you really truly want to get to know us better.

Can’t wait to get on the road and share it with you.

Lisa and Steph


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