who’s on the buss?


Travel and coffee addict, and stay at home mum (for now). I want to show the world to my family and my family to the world, experiencing and enjoying all the crazy that’s out there; all the colours, all the smells… and all of it with my favourite people.  On the search for Moldavian wine.


Wife no. 2 (for sure). Passionate about my family, the environment, cycling and big, open spaces. I’ve been blessed to have a fulfilling career so far but know I’ve missed out on too much of the other stuff.  A true believer of gap years.  Seeking the magic ingredient needed to finish anything I start.


Our gorgeous 8yo ginger guy… sensitive, dreamy, creative and always up for adventure.  He loves dangerous wild animals (a huge Deadly 60 fan), history, music, Lego and movies.  Loves hanging with his family above all else.


The 5yo pocket rocket of the Buss family… loud, chatty and imaginative.  She’s an ideas machine and loves sport, art and craft, riding bikes, creating stories and playing games.  Keeps the rest of us in line.

Koala Moo

The 5yo cuddle queen… generous, funny and loving.  A real cutie, except when she’s mad.  She feels the world intensely through all her senses and loves singing, dancing, cooking and reading.  Most likely to be found on stage at some music festival.

We’re always looking to connect with other travellers. Want to contact us?





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