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16 Nov 2018 – Day Trip to Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand (Hua Hin)

Bug – Yesterday I visited an animal rescue centre. There were lots of gibbons, bears, one crocodile, so many elephants, a couple of birds, two orangutans and cute otters. People would ride the elephants and it bends and burns their backs. They looked after the animals [at the rescue centre]. It was the best thing. The big boy elephant is 12 years old and it was his rescue anniversary. I’ve never stood in front of an elephant before. I was very brave. I think the crocodile might be lonely. I would give it a four out of five.

Squirt – I was so excited about washing the elephant. It was really big. I think the elephant looked happy at me. They were injured or kept as pets and were angry. Now they are very happy to be at the [rescue centre].

Koala – It was good. My favourite thing was washing the elephant. They were gentle. I liked the gibbons. Their singing was very loud.

30 Nov 2018 – Thoughts on Thailand

Bug – Thailand was good.  Bangkok highlights were ice cream, pools, Kidzania, pomegranate juice and the Snake Farm.  I liked the Peanut Factory at Kidzania, making peanuts. The three things I think of when I think about Bangkok are relaxing, fun and busy.  The only things I didn’t like was the traffic and the heat.

Squirt – The three things I think of are The River Festival and all the rides and fireworks, the food (I liked the rice and my favourite drink was fresh orange juice), and Kidzania.  There’s nothing I didn’t like [about Bangkok].  When I’m 18 and I move out of our house and I’m an adult, I’ll go back to Thailand, move into the big building next to the River Festival [Asiatique] and ride the big ferris wheel every night.  I want to go to Bangkok again.

Koala – I liked everything. [Bangkok] was too hot.  My favourite thing was Kidzania. My favourite thing in Kidzania was being a Dentist and the Snack Truck [making frozen yoghurt].  I tried doing the climbing but it was a bit too hard.  

9 Feb 2019 – Thoughts on Paris

Bug – Disneyland was epic. My favourite rides were Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and Hyperspace Mountain. I didn’t like the Parachute Drop and RC Racer rides in Walt Disney Studios because they were too high.  My favourite show was Armageddon, a special effects show. I didn’t really like Paris. I’m not really an art gallery guy or a heights guy. When I walked up the Eiffel Tower stairs I thought that there wasn’t enough of a guard rail. I wish we’d gone up the lift. The best parts were the Eiffel Tower lit up at night and when Harper lost her tooth in the water bottle.

Squirt – I loved Disneyland. My favourite show was the Stars on Parade, when the princesses ride past and Snow White blew me a kiss. I liked everything at Disneyland. Paris was brilliant. I had fun climbing the Eiffel Tower and I also liked looking at all the paintings and the Mona Lisa. I also liked it when Harper lost her tooth. When I saw it in the bottle, I thought it was a piece of chip with sauce.

Koala – Disneyland was really good. My favourite rides were Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Ratatouille Adventure, Parachute Drop and Pirates of the Caribbean. I loved meeting Mickey. I loved seeing the Eiffel Tower. When I walked up the stairs, I got really hot. I like the taxi rides. The Tooth Fairy gave me $2 for my tooth!

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