and what about packing?

Probably one of the top two questions we’re asked is ‘how many bags are you taking?’ accompanied by a look of combined horror and concern.  Honestly, we’ve packed more than we had planned but as soon as we’d decided on a white Christmas in Europe (which has stretched to a full six months of wintry fun) our fate was sealed.  Anything less than a bag each would be a victory to be savoured…. winter boots, jackets, beanies and thermal layers are a packing nightmare and we approached the task with dread.

In short, we went with combo backpack/roller bags combined with an abundance of packing cells and stuff sacks… here are the stats:

          1 x 60L (Bug’s clothes and all kids down jackets)
          1 x 60L (Steph’s clothes, toiletries bag)
          1 x 80L (Lisa’s clothes, medical kit, Lisa and Steph’s full length winter coats – 1 x down,
x Icebreaker, kids Christmas presents, a couple of home schooling workbooks)
          1 x 80L (Squirt and Koala’s clothes)
          5 x day packs

Without the day packs, that comes to 56L each.  If we’d chased the sun, we could have comfortably halved this. But absolutely no regrets. And better a couple of extra bags over freezing to death, we say!

The kids have three pairs of shoes each (sandals, closed shoes, winter boots) and us mums have two pairs (sandals, closed shoes).  The down jackets were an obvious space-saving winner and we packed summer clothes with the thought we’d use these as winter layers too.

The kids day packs are filled largely with their inflatable booster seats (BubbleBum brand) and two smallish stuffed friends each (yes, we’re weak parents and were talked up from one within minutes of negotiations starting).

Now to fit them all into those small European hire cars!!!



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