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a minor miracle in bangkok

Our family is almost entirely committed to Apple. It’s a solid, if sometimes tense, marriage. We decided to bring a third (old model )iPhone (with a standard tetchy unpredictable battery) on this trip as an emergency backup to our two phones. Well, only two weeks in and having a third phone has been a revelation.…

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chillin in hot hua hin

After a great flight on Thai Airways (lots of food, comfy seats … kids said they never want to go back to Jetstar) we spent a night at a hotel near the airport and were picked up after a swim and brekky by the aptly named Happy Taxi Company; apt because this part-limo-inspired minivan, complete…

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and what about packing?

Probably one of the top two questions we’re asked is ‘how many bags are you taking?’ accompanied by a look of combined horror and concern.  Honestly, we’ve packed more than we had planned but as soon as we’d decided on a white Christmas in Europe (which has stretched to a full six months of wintry…

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